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The great victory party in Tel Aviv! I love this sentiment. And it should have its own beautiful painting. Down with evil. And up with the good and up with life.

I am sitting in a hospital room with my wife, she is in labor with our first child. We have been here for 19 hours. I love what hospitals are. A concentration of knowledge and skill and activity. Life giving and maintaining life. My wife a small scare a few hours ago. The baby's heart rate significantly dropped. We both watched the screen of the heart monitor. I could hear a nurse say something outside the room and within seconds 5 or 6 different people came rushing in. Nurses, a doctor, and an anesthesiologist. They took posts, gathered supplies, moved my wife about, checked different things, and solved the problem. I got to witness the knowledge, skill, pursuit of life, and activity in action. It was amazing to see. It made me feel a little emotional. What movement. Ayn Rand spoke of something sacred to witness in children, the small aha moments, seeing the look on their faces when they make a connection. Integration in action. I got to see this sacredness in adults today, in a emergency situation. A small one of course, I do know many women go thru much much worse things, and of course in Israel there is the unimaginable. But to see the connections being made and the problem being solved, how amazing, how wonderful. I'd rather not have such experiences and scary moment, but it happened and I got to witness something beautiful.

Take care Jonatan. Victory to Israel!

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Dear Travis, Thank you for your moving reply. Congratulations on your new-born child! I'm sure you'll be a great father. All the best! I hope to see you at OCON.

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Interesting article.

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